Sunday League


Our pinball league is an IFPA sanctioned pinball league based in Traverse City Michigan, the Cherry Capital of the world. We are an open league, players of all skill levels and ages are welcomed to join. We are a fun group of people who like to share our passion for pinball. Our format is modeled after the 1990s Pinball Pete’s league and the Lansing Pinball League.

Our league gathers Sundays, alternating between The Coin Slot and Right Brain Brewery. Registration starts at 1:30PM, with play starting soon after. New players and Guest players are welcome to join on any Sunday.


See the season details for all relevant links and additional format info.

SeasonIFPAMatch PlayPostsStarts
Season OneIFPAMatch PlayResultsSeptember 10, 2023
Season TwoIFPAMatch PlayResultsJanuary 7, 2024
Season ThreeIFPAMatch PlayResultsMarch 10, 2024

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  1. You are not required to be there at 1:30, or for the announcements. However, players are responsible for being aware of any announcements. If a player suffers a negative consequence because they were not listening or not present for announcements it most likely will not be rectified to the players benefit.
  2. Any game played on the week’s current arena list between 1:30-4:30PM counts as your game for the season. There is absolutely NO PRACTICING of the current week’s arenas from 1:30-4:30PM. Any player who plays a league arena twice during league hours will receive a last place for that arena.
  3. Once you start your games for the week, DO NOT play any other pinball games between your league games. If you do this, it will result in a DQ for the week.
  4. If a game has rubber feet installed any action by a player that causes the game to not be resting in the rubber feet will result in a DQ for that week. There are no warnings for this rule.


Players will play each session on a bank of games in a “Best Game” format. Each bank will consist of 8 different games. The player who achieves the highest score on a game will receive 100pts, second highest score is 99pts, third is 98pts, 4th is 97pts, etc…

After each session a players total score from their best 6 games will be added to the players total for that session. A players 6 top scoring sessions will be added together for the final qualifying standings of the season. The final qualifying standings will determine the seeding for the finals.

Everyone who completes 4 sessions will be eligible for finals.

Final format is Match Play, with the players from the top half of the final standings in Division A, and the bottom half in division B.