Season One

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Registration starts at 1:30 PM for each session. Announcements/meeting at 1:40PM.

League games commence after announcements/group meeting and can be played until 4:30PM.

Series Links: IFPA Match Play

DateLocationStandingsBrawl side tourneyRecap Post
Sep 10Coin SlotMatch PlayStranger Things
Match Play (Finals)
Session One
Sep 17Right BrainMatch PlayTerminator 2
Match Play (Finals)
Session Two
Sep 24Coin SlotMatch PlayBatman 66
Match Play (Finals)
Session Three
Oct 1Right BrainMatch PlayIndiana Jones
Match Play (Finals)
Session Four
Oct 8Coin SlotMatch PlayFamily Guy
Match Play (Finals)
Session Five
Oct 15Right BrainMatch PlayWorld Cup Soccer
Match Play (Finals)
Session Six
Nov 12
Finals 3pm
Right BrainA Division
B Division
No Side TournamentResults


Season 1 will consist of 6 sessions and a final tournament. Sessions will alternate between The Coin Slot and Right Brain Brewery.

Banks this season will consist of 7 different games.