Skill Tips and Tricks

Here’s a collection of general advice for improving your pinball game.

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Slow the game down, trap the ball up if you can.
Learn where the ball has to be on the flipper to get certain angles.

So I drew on this no fear playfield. Red circles with the X are spots where you theoretically could hit the orbit
Green circles are where you SHOULD aim
You’re aiming beyond where the metal ball guide rail starts, and in doing so tightening up your shot
Also applies to ramps. Instead of aiming for the entrance, aim halfway up or right where the ramp begins to take a turn
That way your ball is continuing to travel in a straight line as long as possible, and preserving its kinetic energy
Pay close attention to the angle of the ball guide. Scoop on Mando is a great example
At first glance, you would think it’s set up for a right flipper shot
But if you draw a line from the right flipper to your intended location, the ball guide is going to block ~25% of the opening
This also applies to orbits!!!!!
Very important- if you look at the playfield I drew on, the green circles are ON THE WALL. I am not shooting for the lane, I am aiming for the wall
This will make your orbit shots much easier because you won’t hit the inside post and die