Season Two

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Registration starts at 1:30 PM for each session. Announcements/meeting at 1:40PM.

League games commence after announcements/group meeting and can be played until 4:30PM. There’s an additional makeup session the following Monday from 3PM-6:55PM.

Jan 7Right BrainMatch Play
Jan 14Coin SlotMatch Play
Jan 21Right BrainMatch Play
Jan 28Coin SlotMatch Play
Feb 4Right BrainMatch Play
Feb 10Coin SlotMatch Play
Feb 18Right BrainMatch Play
Feb 25Coin SlotMatch Play
Mar 3
Coin SlotA Division
B Division


Season 2 will consist of 8 sessions of Best Game format and a final tournament of Group Match Play. Worst two sessions are dropped. Qualifying sessions will alternate between The Coin Slot and Right Brain.

Banks this season will consist of 8 different games. And only your Best 6 of the 8 games will count towards that weeks point total.

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