Traverse City Winter Pinball Championship

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Join us for a 3-day smorgasbord of pinball fun at Right Brain Brewery, offering a variety of different tournament formats with a low cost of entry. Whether you’re looking for family fun or chasing IFPA clout, we’ve got something for everyone.

Partner up Friday in a random draw split flipper tournament, see how high you can score with our new adaptive pinball controllers, or try your hand in both competitions! Half of the $5 entry fees from these tournaments go to charity and the other half gets paid back to the top 20% of the players.

Saturday we will be hosting the Masters, Open, Womens, and Youth division tournaments. The masters, open, and womens divisions have a cap of 32 players, so register early to guarantee yourself a spot. We’re also hosting two free-to-enter tournaments for kids ages 13-17, and another for 12 and under. Younger folks who want to get serious are welcome to play in the open divisions, but are not able to play in both, as the tournaments are happening simultaneously.

Sunday we’ll be hosting the finals from the Open and Womens divisions.

We have hotel group rates available at Sugar Beach. Use promo code PINBALL for 20% off for Feb 23, 24, 25. There will also be a wide selection of prizes beyond the cash pot, including plaques and/or medals! There’s also a facebook event.

See the sections below for the full details and jump down to the bottom to register. See you soon! Also note that if you get to town early, our weekly tourney is also taking place on Thursday the 22nd.

Extra balls will be played. Note that some games may also give random awards in absence of tournament mode.

Friday Feb 23

Welcome tournaments
Registration 5PM
7PM start for both tournaments. You will be able to play in both if you like!
Prize pot pays half to top 20% of field, half to charity

Single Flipper Doubles tournament

Match Play
$5 entry fee for Double elimination bracket
Random partner draw among all players. Each person controls one flipper. Bracket is best-of-3 between two teams.

Adaptive Controller tournament

Match Play
$5 for 3 plays of Best game format. You can make 3 attempts maximum.
Adaptive controls for better accessibility. All games will be played with the adaptive controllers. No contact with the game except to plunge. This means no nudging!

Saturday Feb 24

Main Tournament
Registration 11AM
1PM start

100% prize pool payout to top 20% of field.
Bring your own quarters. Change machine available.
Dinner Break @ 5PM. Food truck on site.

Tiebreakers broken on random games.


NamePlayer LimitsFormatEntry FeeLinks
Pin Masters32
12 advance to finals
Group Match Play
At least 8 games
Up to 10 players prize pot matched by Grand Traverse Vending
Match Play
12 advance to finals
Group Match Play
At least 6 games
$25Match Play
4 advance to finals
Flip Frenzy
2 hour time limit
NoneMatch Play


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