Updates: Extra Balls and Start Time

It has come time to update our rules!

As of March 19, 2024 our weekly tournaments will no longer allow extra balls to be played. If you earn an extra ball, you must plunge it without flipping. This means you are free to go for certain skill shots as long as they don’t require pressing a flipper button.

Additionally, I will be starting our tournaments promptly at 7 PM instead of the lax 7:10 start. Hopefully this will allow us to finish our games in a more timely manner. If you show up late, you can be added to subsequent rounds and will receive 0 points for any rounds missed.

As a general reminder, please be aware of what game you’re on and pay attention to when you’ll be up. I spend a good chunk of my evening chasing down folks who have wandered off and started other games or conversations.