Upcoming Skills Clinic: Sunday March 31st

We’ll be holding a skills clinic Sunday March 31st from 2-6 PM at Right Brain!

Stop by and learn some new skills!

We will be offering free play on select games with skills workshops. Learn how to dead flip or live catch. If you need a refresher on some flipper skills and their names, check out deadflip’s lovely GIFs and Abe Flips videos. I’ve also started a skills guide that is a good start and could use some help if anyone is interested in adding more info.

Practice your problem shots on games you hate to put quarters in, work on passing, shatz an inlane or two, learn rules and talk strategy, or try one of our fun challenges! Frosted glass and cardboard blinders will be available.

Literature, videos, friendly coaches will be provided, solo practice is also encouraged.

No headhunting please, we are practicing and not shooting for high scores.


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  1. Super excited to practice and learn some new tricks!

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